IT Support

It is very rare to find any business that doesn’t use a computer these days, be it a stand-alone PC or the latest offering in servers or tablets. Most people have a basic understanding of how to run the software they require in order to get through their day.

Problems arise when something goes wrong. Troubleshooting a problem can take anywhere from 5 minutes to hours or even days. If your business isn’t IT, then the last thing you need is to be stuck in front of your computer trying to solve a problem you know little about instead of doing the work that puts bread on the table. IT Support is a crap-shoot and it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed and then calling around desperately for someone, anyone, to come and fix the problem.

Here at SNWare, we mitigate this problem by being active instead of reactive to your IT needs. We have taken the approach to supporting our customers in such a way that it is in our best interests, as much as it is yours, to keep you up and running smoothly.

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